Training & Development

At Spinneys, we believe in a”people oriented” business and the development of our employees is the foundation of our training philosophy. We constantly conduct trainings to enhance our employees’ performance and contribute to a better customer service.

Our comprehensive process for developing our people includes on-going trainings, opportunities for personal development, and feedback on results.

Trainings include:
  • Induction plan for new employees
  • Spinneys 2.0 training and seminar to introduce the new concept and identity
  • Food safety training for the fresh food departments (Levels 1, 2, 3)
  • Customer service training
  • Supervisors skills
  • Team building training
  • Fire fighting seminar
  • Health and Safety sessions
  • How to use chemicals sessions

Apprenticeship Program
Welcome to Spinneys Apprenticeship Program !

This program has been designed for ambitious people who aim high and want independence and responsibility. It is a proven way to train people for professions that demand a wide range of skills, knowledge, and independent judgment. With our program, you do not have to go to college or sit in a classroom to learn; challenging tasks are learned and practiced on-the-job.

With Spinneys Apprenticeship program, Learning will be paid!

Click here to download our Deli Apprenticeship Program brochure

Retail Management Trainee Program
Welcome to Spinneys Retail Management Trainee Program.

The RMT program has been designed for young people who are looking for an exceptional career in retail. It aims to attract ambitious, self motivated and highly responsible candidates to become Spinneys Managers in the future.

Once you have completed the Retail Management Trainee Program, you will be equipped with the technical competencies and management skills to fit into Spinneys Store Management Team. Your success as a Retail Management Trainee will be based on your input and contribution to the program.

The Program's Objectives

As a Retail Management Trainee you will:
  • Learn supervisory and technical skills
  • Work as an apprentice in each department
  • Gain the skills and experience in Fresh Food, FMCG, Hard Goods, Front End, Warehousing, Receiving, Category Management, Supply Chain, Logistics, Marketing, Merchandising, Finance and HR.

Ahead of you lie 12 months of hard work and challenge; therefore you must be committed, enthusiastic, organized, energetic and willing to lead the store team by example.

For more information or inquiry you can contact our HR department.
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